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Please fill out the form below to be added to our customer list. You can list any of our products you are interested in purchasing in the comments box and we will get back to you promptly. Thank You

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Products Offered

Pasture Raised Pork

Center Cut Pork Chops (from the tenderloin)(1 or 2 chops per package) $8.95/lb

Hot Italian Sausage Links $7.50/lb

Mild Italian Sausage Links $7.50/lb

Ground Breakfast Sausage $7.50/lb

Natural Bacon (No added nitrites) $ 10.00/lb

Pork Shoulder Steak (great for grilling) 1 steak per package $6.95/lb

Fresh Ham Steak Roast (3 to 5 lbs each) $9.95/lb

Fresh ham Steaks (Thin Cuts) $9.95/lb

Smoked Ham Hock (great for making soup) $4.95/lb

Fresh Ham Hock $4.95/lb

Spare Ribs $9.95/lb

Country Ribs $7.95/lb

Pasture Raised Chickens

Whole Chicken (3 to 7lbs) $4.95/lb

Half Chickens(2-3lbs) $5.95/lb

Boneless Breasts ( 2 breasts per package) (1 to 2 lbs) $9.95/lb

Legs & Thighs (2 legs & 2 thighs per package) $6.95/lb

Pasture Raised Turkeys

Fresh Whole Thanksgiving Turkey $4.95/lb

We request a $20 deposit to reserve a Thanksgiving turkey. They will be available for pick up at the Rochester Public Market or at our farm. The Turkeys size range is from 17 to 28lbs pounds.


Whole Rabbits $8.00/lb

Free Range Eggs

Eggs are only available at our farm stand

Dozen $4.00

  • Seasonal Produce
  • Custom Wine Barrel Fountains
  • Canned Goods
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